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NameTeltscher, Josef Eduard
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Date1801 - 1837
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Josef Eduard Teltscher was born in 1801 in Prague. He began to study lithography in Brunn (Brno) and then studied in Vienna. From 1823 he was a student of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. In 1829-32 he was active in Graz. On a journey to Greece in 1837 he died by drowning as he was swimming in Piraeus near Athen. Teltscher was one of the best Viennese portrait lithographers and as a miniaturist, due to opinion of his contemporaries, no less than Daffinger. Teltscher was a close friend of the composer Schubert and portraied Schubert and other friends of his. Works by the artist can be seen in the greatest Austrian museums and collections of high nobilities. They reach the art market uttermost seldom.

Special+ drowning

Painted Moreau, Nikolaus


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