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NameFalcone, Aniello
Other Name
Date1607 - 1656
Pupil of
Teacher ofCompagno, Scipione
Gargiulo, Domenico
Masturzio, Marzio
Pérez Sierra, Francisco
Porpora, Paolo
Rosa, Salvator
Collaboration withForte, Luca
Akin to
Friend of
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BiographyTancred and Clorinda"


1607- 1656 Naples
FALCONE, Aniello
(b. 1607, Napoli, d. 1656, Napoli)

Neapolitan painter. He was one of the most prominent artists in
Naples in the generation before the plague of 1656 (in which he
died), and did religious paintings, some in fresco, for several
churches in the city. His only complete surviving fresco cycle,
however, is the History of Moses in the Villa Roomer at Barra, and he
is now remembered mainly as the first specialist in battle pieces, a
genre that won him an international reputation and in which he inspired
his pupil Salvator Rosa. Falcone was also an outstanding draughtsman.
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Special+ Plague

StyleBaroque Era,Battle,Figures,Horses,Monks&Bishops,Musical Instruments,Mythology&Saints,Portraits

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